Today marks 50 days since I’ve been at home in quarantine. It’s so strange to be writing these words because we hear of instances where people must be kept at home in quarantine to prevent the spread of a disease or illness, but I NEVER would have thought in my lifetime that I’d actually be quarantined for that exact reason.

So I first heard about the Coronavirus from my cousin who’s living in China. I saw photos on Facebook that he posted of his grocery store and how the majority of the items were off the shelves. People were stocking up. I read into it and found that the virus was very contagious and most of China was in quarantine.

Life went on normal here in Guatemala (and the USA) and I didn’t think much of it, as I’m sure most of the world. At the beginning of March, my school began to inform our students the importance of washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes. Something that’s so normal, yet before wasn’t taken much thought into.

When the number of cases started getting bigger around the globe, things started getting serious, and on March 13, 2020 the first case of Covid-19 came to Guatemala. The next day the president made an announcement that all of the schools were closed for the time being (which at the time was for four weeks, with one week being Holy Week, which we normally already have that week off).

On March 17, 2020 we officially began our life at home, and here are some things I’ve thought about and learned during this time.

I’m going to write this post using an acronym. My students do this all the time with the names of people they write cards for, so I decided to do one myself with the word QUARANTINE.

To me Quarantine equals this:

Quarantine =

Quality time with loved ones (even if it’s on video chat)

Unity with the entire world (because we’re all in this together)

Alone time

Reading more than ever


New found hobbies

Time with God


Natural home remedies


Quality Time with Loved Ones

For obvious reasons—we’re stuck at home with our families. I’ve even spent more time than ever with my family in Texas over video chat. We’ve had movie and game nights—something we hadn’t done before.

Unity with the Entire World

We’re literally all in this together (cue High School Musical song, I’m totally singing that in my head right now). I mean, I’m here in Guatemala, yet I’m working from home and staying isolated just like the majority of you. Same with many other countries in the world.

Everyone has been affected by this pandemic one way or another. That’s why we need to check in with our loved ones—family and friends.

Alone Time

This one is so BIG for me. Here in my house it’s just me, my husband and my mother-in-law. We all work at different paces and in different places. And when I’m not working I love to spend that alone time with my book or my journal.

My favorite spot in my house is my balcony—it takes me away from the four walls of the rooms of my house. I think I’ve spent more alone time in these past 50 days than I have over the past 27 years. Haha!

Reading More Than Ever

Yep. Exactly that.

I’ve never been a person who enjoys reading, yet I’ve always wanted to be a person who enjoys reading, and these moments at home have given me the time to sit down and read the books I’ve put aside for the past few years.

Also, for the first time in my life I’m actually reading the Bible. That doesn’t mean that I’ve never picked up a Bible in my life, it just means I’ve never actually read it. When I would read the Bible, I would just turn to a random page and read some verses. This time I’ve decided to start by reading an entire book—I started with Proverbs and it’s been so refreshing.


Who hasn’t been anxious in this time? This time is so uncertain, and most people don’t like to be in the unknown. That’s what causes anxiety.

But some ways I’ve been able to release some of this anxiety is doing things that calm me and make me happy. I’m spending some time in prayer and some time journaling my thoughts. This helps, maybe it can help you, too.

New Found Hobbies

Some newfound hobbies I’ve discovered are my love for plants and reading. I think plants really just liven up a space. My husband would probably tell you that I just love looking at them, cause he’s the one who takes care of them, honestly.

And as I’ve stated before, I’ve come to enjoy reading. It opens my mind, takes me away from my own thoughts and helps me to improve my vocabulary.

Some re-found hobbies would include journaling and exercising.

Time with God

My faith is so important to me, but since I’ve been out of college (five years already!!!), I haven’t really flourished in my faith. I see faith life as a roller coaster, where you have really high moments and some really low moments and moments that are in the middle and mediocre. Before this time, I felt I was in a mediocre state, and now I’m happy to say that spending a lot of my time with God is helping my faith roller coaster go uphill.


It’s really sad, especially for an extrovert like me, to be stuck in one place not interacting with people. Before I was seeing dozens of people a day and sharing those moments with my precious students. To be cut from seeing them is very depressing.

But thank God for technology. I’m able to see family, friends and co-workers (yet, sadly not my students) daily and that’s something that keeps me going during isolation.

Natural Home Remedies

I have dry hair (from washing it too much—trying to stay clean and away from coronavirus) and my face has been acting up (anxiety and nerves get the best of me). I’ve decided to try some at home remedies with things that are already in my house, and they’ve worked! Y’all should try some out too.

Dry hair natural remedy: place warm olive oil all over hair, starting from roots to tips, massaging it with fingers. Cover with shower cap for 15-30 minute, then rinse and shampoo regularly.

Acne remedy: mash one half of an avocado in a bowl. Add a tablespoon of honey and a half of a lime. Mix it all together and massage on face. Leave for 15-30 min. Wash face with cold water.


Saved the best for last! Not really, it’s only because the E is at the end. But really, this is one of my favorites. I’ve been reminded at how much I actually love working out! Or maybe it’s because I’ve found some really inspiring women around the world that make working out fun.

I’ve been doing live workouts on Instagram and they are literally the first thing I plan when I do my daily schedule. (And yes, I plan out my days. They make me so happy!)

What would your QUARANTINE acronym be?

God bless you all and stay safe! We’ve got this!!