“It’s like an eternal date. This is the best date ever!”

The best thing about being married is that we don’t have to separate anymore. Prior to tying the knot, mine and Edwin’s relationship was at the core of “airport hellos” and “airport goodbyes.” We relied on our phones way too much and saved every bit of our money to spend on plane tickets to visit each other. Right now is the longest we have been together in the same country since spring of 2014. Aside from the fact that the only form of communication was between the many nights sitting on FaceTime and the countless hours of texting through Whatsapp, when we made our final “airport hello” on April 21, all of those hours, days and months apart from each other seemed to have vanished—it was as if we hadn’t even lived that long distance relationship.

HA! Who am I kidding—those days sucked. But in those times of torture and sadness, I always reminded myself and Edwin that the pain we were feeling was going to be 100% worth it in the end (Romans 8:18)—and man, I was not kidding there!

Before ever having a boyfriend, I told myself that I would never get into a long distance relationship. It’s funny how God works in our lives though because I think he laughed at that comment I made as a teenager. Before I knew it, I found the perfect guy and after a lot of hard work, prayer and a whole lot of faith we are currently living our married lives. It’s been 20 days and we absolutely love it!

The journey getting here was not easy, but one little piece of advice I want to give anyone in a relationship (whether it’s long distance or not)- always, always, ALWAYS have God at the core and rely on your faith and love. That is what helped Edwin and I throughout our entire relationship <3


A little bit about our Honeymoon…

Our trip to Thailand was the first time we had ever rode an airplane together. That was a journey in itself because we had to be in that plane for 15 hours from Houston to Taipei! A whole lot of neck cramps and leg sores… but we were together and that was all that mattered J It was also our first time to Asia—we considered our honeymoon as a good excuse to travel, and we took complete advantage.

Thailand was beautiful and very hot. Experiencing this new culture was an enlightening experience because I had no idea what Buddhism was until I got to experience it first hand. Most of the sites to see in Bangkok, the capital, are of Buddhist Temples. Ninety percent of Thai people are Buddhist. This is their culture and their way of life. There are Spirit Houses, little temples with the Buddha, on every corner in Thailand where people bring little gifts and show their utmost respect to the Buddha.

Edwin scheduled us for a Buddhist mediation on one of the days. The retreat was at The House of Dhamma where we did a Vipassana Meditation. It was a cool experience, very relaxing and illuminating.

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After experiencing real Thai culture, we hopped on an airplane and made our way south to Krabi. Krabi is where they have the beautiful picturesque beaches and cool little towns to explore. The beach was so wonderful and romantic—a perfect spot for a honeymoon 🙂


After flying back to Texas, we only had three days to pack and say our goodbyes before getting on an airplane again to make our way to our new lives in Guatemala. Those three days went perfect! We rested one day, packed one day and said our goodbyes another. We threw a small surprise party for my sister Erica because we aren’t going to be there for her high school graduation. We wanted to show her how hard that will be for us to miss it but that we love her so much! She was totally surprised and we had a lot of fun celebrating.

Our supposed to be 5-hour trip to Guatemala nearly took us 24 hours. Our flight from San Antonio to Houston was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. and we were supposed to arrive in Guatemala at 9 p.m. Well that didn’t happen whatsoever… Our flight got delayed from San Antonio by two hours because of “air traffic and weather,” causing us to miss our flight from Houston to Guatemala and having to take the next trip on the following morning at 9 a.m. Luckily, I had some experience from sleeping in airports, so it didn’t really faze me… and Edwin was there with me this time, so it made it all the better! 🙂

The next morning, our 9 a.m. flight from Houston to Guatemala was on time. We boarded the plane and was about to take off when all of a sudden the pilot got onto the intercom and told us that there was a piece from the airplane missing and they were doing everything they could to try and find it *Eye rolls… in the end they didn’t find it and everyone had to get off of the plane, walk to a different gate and wait until the new plane was cleaned and ready for us. Two hours after that, we were finally on our way to Guatemala! Fun adventures as newlyweds.

His parents made me feel very welcomed and so loved when we arrived in Guatemala—it made me tear up. It’s hard to leave home, but when you have family that loves you so much, it makes it easier to cope being away from my own family back in Texas. I love y’all and miss y’all everyday!


How’s married life you ask? Like my husband said earlier this week, “It’s like an eternal date. The best date ever!” We have done everything together… cook, work, clean, dishes, wash, shop and pray. It’s been a very short time and only four days of living together in an apartment in the “real world”, but we love it and can’t wait to see what God has planned for us next. This adventure has just begun! Pray for us!



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