Why You SHOULD Have Guatemala On Your Travel Bucket List

I’ve seen a lot of travel bucket lists on different blogs and social media sites and have noticed that way too many of them don’t have Guatemala on their list! Despite all of the negative things you might have heard about traveling to Guatemala, there are so many positive aspects that I want to share with you about visiting the land of the Eternal Spring!

I’ve been living here for two years and my husband is from here so you might think I’m being biased. But there are so many reasons to visit the beautiful land of the eternal spring!


Reason #1 why you should have Guatemala on your travel bucket list:

It’s naturally beautiful.

The mountains, volcanoes, lakes, and greenery everywhere! I love getting in the car and just taking a road trip anywhere. For one, it’s because I’m not from here and everything is new to me. But also because when you take a road trip anywhere out of the city (and even within Guatemala City), you are surrounded by beauty. My own neighborhood is called La Montaña (the mountain).

I love taking a mini-road-trip to La Antigua (just 45 minutes out of Guatemala City) because of the gorgeous journey through the mountains. Even if I’ve been 100+ times, I still get excited about being surrounded by the nature.

There’s so much to see here! Lake Atitlan, La Antigua, Volcan Pacaya (and many other volcanoes), Semuc Champey, Xela, Retalhuleu, Tikal, Izabal, and much much more!

Whether you want to come to Guatemala for mission work or for travel, it’s an incredible country for both, and no matter what, you’ll experience the natural beauties of the country.


Reason # 2:

The comida is deliciosa!

I’m not only talking about the street food, but also their national dishes. Some of their dishes may seem and look a little weird (at least that’s what I thought when I first tried them), but they are very tasty. Pepián, Jocón & Kak’ik are some of my favorites.

One reason I say it might be weird is because they cook their meals with chicken on the bone. It’s always on the bone. For me, I don’t like to eat things off the bone, but I’ve changed in that way just because the food is so good!

I grew up in Texas and on Tex-Mex food. (Which to me was “Mexican” food, but recently I’ve realized that the Mexican food I grew up eating, was really Tex-Mex food.) I thought that moving to Guatemala I would be able to continue enjoying my favorite meals from Texas because I thought “Guatemalan food is probably similar to Mexican food, yay!!!!” haha! But nope. There aren’t really any similarities. Guatemalan food is way different. But so delicious in its own way!


Reason # 3:

The people are very friendly and humble.

Guatemalans are very welcoming when you visit their country. They are always trying to make you feel at home. They love their country and love to share it with the world. They are very hospitable and humble and won’t ever forget where they came from.


Reason # 4:

It’s affordable.

Not only are you able to travel on a budget, you’ll be able to have some beautiful experiences while not breaking your bank. I remember the first time I came to Guatemala; Edwin took me on so many different excursions. I felt like a queen staying at resorts and experiencing remarkable adventures. And everything on a budget!


Reason # 5:

It’s multicultural.

With over 20 Mayan languages and 2 non-Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala alone, you’re walking into a multicultural world! It’s incredible because anywhere you go, you’ll hear people speaking a different language other than Spanish.

At my school, we have many students who speak another language other than Spanish (and English :D). In my 4th grade class alone, we have 10 different languages spoken! I’m so proud to say I’m living in this cultured country.


Come and experience the cultured and beautiful country of Guatemala!


P.S. All my friends and family are welcome to stay at our house while you’re visiting.

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